utorak, 7. veljače 2023.

 Exhibition of my erotic BDSM illustrations on the fetish event in Zagreb, November 2022.


nedjelja, 22. siječnja 2023.

petak, 20. siječnja 2023.

 "Nigredo", from 2004-2005. 

My first movie ever. Slideshow with photography, photomanipulations, collages and my writing in a frantic diary-like, confessional manner, commenting my own dazed thoughts, unhinged and whirlwind emotions, identity challenges, doubts, fears,  utter confusion, million imminent senses of impending d(b)ooooms and my (immature and pretentious and angsty) reflections on art. Created in 2004. and 2005., first shown at my solo exhibition "Schizomania" and never presented again. Video is very raw, dirty and punk-goth, very fiesty, steamy, sassy, revealing, perverse and obscene, showing off vulnerabilities and sufferings of the flesh and soul, charged with wounds, trembling and tragically clumsy ponderings on my instability and feeling of lostness in the world. It was a decade after gleaming time when heroin chic, grunge feminism and rrriot girls were all the rage, but I was still clinging to those tropes, celebrating sad and angry, torn and furious, savage girl in the throes of her vengeful and borderline-sociopathic, hurricanic roundabouts melted and muted with self-destructive melancholia. Those spicy and agonizing times are gone thanks to goddesses, or time, or false, perceived wisdom, but I love the piece since it is my kid (on Ritalin).


subota, 17. prosinca 2022.

petak, 25. studenoga 2022.

nedjelja, 6. studenoga 2022.

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